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Kelly Hoppen’s “East Meets West” Design Philosophy

Kelly Hoppen first started designing when she was sixteen years old and today she is a well-known, multiple award-winning and successful interior, furniture and product designer with 40 years of work experience. Her interest in both furniture and product design shines through the authenticity of her work. She is a versatile person deeply committed to all areas of her creative output.

Hoppen’s philosophy dubbed “East meets west” can be seen in all pieces of her furniture. It incorporates various motifs and themes from different cultures, resulting in sophisticated, but warm interior design. So, how does Hoppen juxtapose these, at first glance incompatible elements? Well, in a sentence, her creative work always includes a dose of simplicity. A sense of objectivity is necessary in order to create homey and beautiful furniture. Two aspects are of great significance when it comes to her design: choosing colors and blending materials. And the execution? Seamless. Hoppen summarizes it best: “The inspiration is very much an accumulation of everything that I am, which is neutral, simple, easy to live with.”

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