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Mater Design: A Minimalist Scandinavian Brand You’ll Love

If functionality and minimalism describe your vision for home or office, go Scandinavian. Think of the perfect living room: warm woods, walls hued in white and gray, eye-catching accessories both understated and elegant. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency, with muted tones that create a sense of calm and clean lines that are artfully efficient. The goal: a space classic in style and inviting.
A core principle of Scandinavian design is that one should be in complete harmony with his or her surroundings. When Mater was founded in Copenhagen in 2006, it set out to accomplish just that. Today, the global brand is powered by a strong design philosophy rooted in craftsmanship and a conscious commitment to the environment. Mater expertly combines high-end furniture and lighting with a minimalist aesthetic. Furniture is made with sustainably or ethically sourced materials. The result is both timeless and durable – artistic pieces built to last. Every Mater product has a duel mission: to beautify a space and to inspire consumer thinking.

“When bringing new products to the market, our priority is not focused on what we launch, but we really try to define why we launch it in an ethical context,” says Founder and CEO Henrik Marstrand. “Are we supporting a recycled material or supporting a new eco-friendly material? Is there a good supporting story with the craftsmen? Those answers define why we are on the market.”
Though it has a distinctly modern feel, Scandinavian design was born in the 1930s in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. Its objective was to promote simpler ways of living, with nature a main source of inspiration. That ideal remains true even today, when everyone covets that escape from their frenetic day to day.

This aesthetic, unsurprisingly, is best embodied in Mater’s extraordinary lighting products, which set the stage for your personal Shangri-La. The Liuku pendant is a contemporary lamp fashioned from blown glass, its shade nesting over an FSC-certified linden wood base. Soft color choices – available in gradient violet, cork, and smoked or clear glass – compliment any décor, be it residential or commercial.
The Ray series, a stunning collection of lamps, reflect the best in Nordic design. Elegant and sleek, the wooden globe shade is mounted inside a steel shell with magnets so that light can be positioned in any direction. The lamps use low energy and have a textile-covered cord. Available as a table lamp, wall lamp, or pendant light in black or white.

Mater’s Shell collection of lounge chairs features a modern but distinctively unique look. With an eye to style and comfort, the pigmented leather upholstery is both soft and durable, and color choices range from brandy and rust to black and ultra-black. This chair is suitable for everyday use and also serves as a great focal point in any room. Certified oak and a sirka gray stain finish foster a sense of wilderness lounging.

In yet another nod to innovative design, Mater created its Bowl Table to reflect the craftsmanship of Kharadi, an old woodturning community in a part of India known for its heritage sites and religious shrines. Sourced Mango wood and a lacquer finish draw the eye to milled hollow steel legs, which are detachable for easy transport. The table works beautifully as a standalone piece, but because the best décor is versatile, it’s availability in three sizes – small, large, and extra large. A fascinating tidbit for those excited about Mater’s commitment to the environment: Mango wood is a sustainable source of timber, and once the tree’s productive lifespan ends, it is felled and another tree is planted to replace it.
Imbuing your living space with the gifts of nature, Mater is where serenity and home become one.

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