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Notre Monde: Blending Artistic Expression & Functionality

Notre Monde was founded in 1997 by artist Dawn Sweitzer. A self-made artist, Sweitzer developed an authentic style, drawing inspiration from her surroundings. What started as a simple idea of making beautiful yet practical objects, useful in everyday life, such as trays, mirrors and tables, grew into what Notre Monde is today – a recognizable brand with unique aesthetic and proven quality. The possibility of combining various pieces of trays and tables represents one of the strongest traits of Switzer’s designs. If you are a creative and visual person who appreciates a hand-painted piece in their living space, then Notre Monde pieces will provide a way to express yourself.

Luxury and function in our day-to-day lives

Since its inception, Notre Monde design was based on perceiving the unique in everyday objects of various cultures. But, how can such different things – simplicity and luxury – be joined in one unique concept? Well, Notre Monde managed to achieve that style through making practical yet decorative nesting tables, table trays and mirrors. Sweitzer uses surfaces we take for granted, rendering them a canvas for expressing uniqueness. Highlighting diversity on all levels, the design work resulted in beautiful handmade wooden and glass pieces, each of them differing slightly. Using traditional handcraft techniques and diversity in design, Notre Monde creates remarkable and unique trays, tables and mirrors.

It’s not just a side table

Looking at the way Notre Monde uses materials, it’s easy to see how the use of wood or glass can fit perfectly in various living spaces. On the other hand, Notre Monde focuses on the decorative aspect of the pieces, blending artistic expression with functionality.

Tray tables are highly functional: they can serve as a useful interior object, but the tray itself gives a personal and unique note. In this manner, the tray is a way to express your creativity, mixing different colors and motives. Tray canvases come in various sizes, inspired by nature or geometrical shapes, reflecting elegance in beautiful imagery. Notre Monde designed nesting tables come in two or three pieces, suitable and versatile, fitting for various situations.

Mirror, Mirror

The effortless elegance of polished aged mirror meets the raw industrial beauty of iron in the Rectangle mirrors. Hang on its own or display a number of them in your space to make a bold statement.

A nod to the progressive artist, the M mirror interprets Mondrian’s grid paintings in mirror form. The mirror sees three colors within its smaller rectangular fragments. Charcoal, Bronze and Clear mirrors give the overall piece a reflective, multifaceted expression. The hangers on each side of the frame allow four different ways to display it on the wall.

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