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Small Space Solutions

Functionality shouldn’t be your only focus when it comes to furnishing your cozy home or apartment. Always remember that every restriction you have is an opportunity for something amazing. There are several principles to keep in mind when furnishing a small apartment. As mentioned, functionality plays a big part in what you can and cannot do. However, that should never be the sole factor in the process of finding solutions for small spaces. It is important that you look for dual-duty pieces – they can be a lifesaver. Simply, they can shape the details of your day-to-day activities, making your life easier. And, they come in such well-crafted forms. As many interior designers would point out, movability can be crucial in furnishing a small apartment. Don’t just think of what your space can be today, but also what it can become tomorrow. When you plan on how to use space to your advantage, remember to go vertical: bookshelves, floating shelves or room dividers can completely reshape the way you experience your apartment. That way, you can “create” space where there isn’t any. In the end, don’t forget lighting. Interior designers say that it should be treated almost like a piece of furniture, meaning that its not only the source of light that you are getting, but also the way it interacts with the surroundings. Now, let’s take it one step at a time…

Dual-Purpose Furniture is a Must

Q: How do I get more functionality, without losing space?
A: Invest in double-duty furniture.

When it comes to small apartments, every inch counts. And, by trying to figure out what is the best way to use up space, it seems that we often focus on how to work around the sizes of furniture and find ourselves buying something we don’t like as much; or, simply, – we leave the nature of our space define how we furnish. The key thing to have in mind is that you can be both practical and creative when it comes to your choices. Make the furniture work for you – choose a multifunctional piece. For example, if there is a beautiful small table that you wish to have in your living room, why not find one that can serve as a storage unit? You don’t have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. In this regard, tray tables are a paradigm of dual-purpose furniture pieces – not to mention they are small works of art. In the end, tray tables provide that much appreciated interior design aspect – movability (crucial for small apartments). Finally, there are double-duty furniture pieces that will amaze you in their simplicity. For example, floor mirror which doubles as a clothing rack – apart from it’s double function, it doesn’t take up so much surface area, provides the room with more light if positioned properly and takes up only vertical space. So many features, no compromise with aesthetics.

Good Lighting Opens Up the Space

Q: What is the best lighting solution for a small space?
A: One that doesn’t take up too much physical or visual space.

Darker colors simply have the tendency to make spaces appear smaller. If you have walls painted with a lighter color, good lighting can help add character to your apartment – create depth, virtually divide space and allow you to change the atmosphere in the room just by adjusting your lights. Start simple: a slim tall beautiful lamp can be placed in the corner or behind the sofa, and is never a bad decision. These lamps can create a feeling of warmth and coziness in your room. On the other hand, wall lamps with simple attachments allow you full control over lighting in your space. They can emphasize certain details or parts of your apartment, or just serve a practical purpose (also known as task lighting): there are tasks which require proper lighting, like reading a book or working in the kitchen. Finally, if you are someone who likes to express their lifestyle through interior design, a chandelier can be a perfect choice. Just because an apartment is a small one, it doesn’t mean it can’t be “dressed up” and accentuated with a chandelier. If you are unsure of which style to go for, pieces inspired by minimalistic features are always a good choice.

When it Comes to Sofas, Choose Wisely

Q: What’s the perfect sofa for a small space?
A: Find a beautiful two-seater sofa.

The three most important things when buying a sofa for a small apartment are: 1) size, 2) shape, 3) style. Look at these aspects not as limitations but opportunities. How? Firstly, a two-seater sofa is the best solution for a small apartment. A huge piece can disrupt a carefully curated balance of elements. Another important thing when it comes to size is the possibility of moving the sofa around. Create an opportunity for future changes, no need to limit yourself. Secondly, when it comes to shape, you can go in two directions. Either you choose a shape with straight lines, perfect for corners or, you try something a little bit different and go for a stylish solution which can be the centerpiece of your space. Also, remember to avoid deep, overstuffed sofas with fluffy arms which devour space. Another good tip is to get a leggy sofa, to highlight its shape and, perhaps, have the possibility for more storage space. Finally, in terms of style, non-intrusive colors and simple lines tend to fit better in a small apartment. In the end, buying a sofa is no small investment, choose wisely – you’ll need to live with that choice for a longer period of time.

Put Your Walls to Work

Q: How do I maximize storage space?
A: Employ empty walls with floating shelves, build new ones with room dividers.

In a small apartment, walls are the largest open spaces you have. So take advantage of that. Artwork you have on your walls isn’t the only way to express creativity. There is a reason why opened shelves are popular today. Apart from allowing for more space, it’s almost as if they are urging you to express yourself. A selection of books is a reflection of your personality. That special sculpture you really love or a favorite plant reflect your sensibility. Simply, look at an opened shelf as a canvas. On the other hand, they are simple to install and there is almost always room for them somewhere. It’s really a no-brainer, put floating wooden shelves in different sizes on your walls and give yourself the satisfaction of expressing yourself creatively.

Sounds counterintuitive when it comes to small spaces but, in fact, adding a display case which serves as another wall makes so much sense. A display case is one of the most useful multipurpose pieces of furniture out there. It has the practical aspect of being a room divider if needed, provides a lot of storage space and, most importantly, it is such an extensive expression of your character and lifestyle.

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit…”

Q: What are the best solutions for tables and chairs?
A: Two words – extendable tables. Two more words – stacking chairs.

One of the biggest challenges when furnishing a small apartment is the design of the dining room (or, in this case, maybe a “dining corner”). And one of the best fixes for that challenge is an extendable dining table. It is a perfect way to combine comfort and more surface area, without compromising the overall look of your apartment – basically, you can have your cake and eat it too.

If we haven’t stressed it enough thus far, here it is again – every inch of space is important. With smart choices on certain objects, you are “buying” the freedom to think of style. Have you saved space with getting a set of stacking chairs? Well, that means that you can get a slightly bigger sofa, because you love the way it looks. Or, maybe you can get a slightly bigger dining table. Or a lovely mirror. And all because you saved space. Stacking chairs can be set in the kitchen corner or even near a sofa, unnoticeable yet handy. Meticulously designed stacking chairs can look amazing even when they stand one on top of the other. In the end, a beautiful small pouf can go a long way in terms of decor and usefulness: remember – movability in a small space is key.

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