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Timeless Furniture: Solid Wood Pieces by Ethnicraft

When we hear of something described as timeless, we imagine something that doesn’t lose its flair over long periods of time. This is a challenging quality to live up to, especially if we are talking about interior design or furniture. Trends come and go, styles and tastes change. Simple as that. Ethnicraft, however, strives toward timelessness. How? With distinct design and with respect to the material. Selection of wood and seemingly effortless design are Ethnicraft’s strongest traits. Ethnicraft’s design furniture is made from the best hardwood used in interior design: walnut, oak and teak. Its philosophy is a blend of simplicity, natural beauty and timelessness.

Ethnicraft’s design: Simplicity and Devotion to Nature

The (not-so-hidden) secret of Ethnicraft’s aesthetic lies in the beauty of natural lines, non-altered colors and textures. Their design derives from everyday life and love for nature or, as the designers say: “Our furniture originates from rational ideas, but has a distinctly emotional quality. While the designs are always functional, we want our furniture to generate emotion through authentic, warm and natural materials.” In other words, simplicity of shape and form can compliment any space, easily mixing with ever-changing trends. Meanwhile, the nature of the material, although strong and durable, makes the pieces attractive.

Oak, Teak and Walnut: the Importance of Sustainable Wood

Ethnicraft’s design furniture allows us to enjoy natural beauty of wooden pieces. However, designers take the impact of wood industry on the environment very seriously. Every piece of walnut, oak and teak used in Ethnicraft furniture collection comes from known and renewable sources. Ethnicraft takes part in managing Indonesian teak plantations, as a way of utilizing controlled natural resources. The timber is reclaimed from neglected warehouse in Java and the reserve of oak comes from European renewable forests. Even the manufacturing waste is repurposed, either as fuel for the drying ovens or recycled to be used as base material.

How to Choose a ‘Timeless’ Piece of Furniture?

There are endless lists of articles and discussions on most important aspects of furnishing a home. But, choosing the right furniture really doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are looking for a long-lasting piece, there are three key points to consider: style, durability and, believe it or not, movability.

Designers and craftsmen alike say moveable furniture can be crucial. Every living room has a focal point, a spot which begs attention as soon as one enters the room. If the furniture you’ve chosen can be placed in various parts of the space, with respect to the focal point, due to its capability to blend easily, you are well on your way of having timeless, yet diverse style possibilities. Add durability into the equation and you have an almost perfect investment on your hands. In the end, style boils down to personal preference. Aligning those choices with trends is where the fun starts.

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